Can Nike Run Club Sync with Strava? Integration Explained

Many fitness enthusiasts utilize multiple platforms for tracking and sharing their workouts, and one common question often arises: can Nike Run Club sync with Strava? With an increasing number of people turning to technology for motivation and community, compatibility between popular fitness apps has become crucial for a seamless experience.

Fortunately, Strava, a popular subscription platform for connected fitness, has indeed partnered with Nike. This collaboration allows Strava members to track and share their workouts on both platforms. Starting in summer 2023, Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club app users can send their activity data to Strava and engage with the larger fitness community. The partnership aims to inspire athletes and foster a sense of community across all platforms.

Understanding Why Nike Run Club can sync with Strava

Nike Run Club Overview

Nike Run Club (NRC) is an app designed to help athletes and runners track their workouts, set goals, participate in challenges, and engage with a community of fellow runners. NRC offers guided runs, coaching plans, and personalized content to keep users motivated and informed. The app is compatible with various devices, including Apple Watch, making it a convenient choice for runners looking to monitor their progress.

Strava Overview

Strava is a popular fitness tracking app used by athletes worldwide to record their workouts and engage in a community-centric platform. Strava offers unique features such as segment leaderboards, clubs, and challenges that motivate users to push their limits while being part of a global sports community. The Strava platform is available for multiple activities, including running, cycling, and swimming, attracting a diverse group of athletes.

Partnerships between Nike and Strava have led to the integration of the two platforms, allowing users to track and share their activities across both apps. This collaboration aims to enhance the athlete experience by combining NRC’s engaging content with Strava’s rich community features. The integration also facilitates participation in exclusive Strava challenges for Nike app users, further encouraging engagement and goal-setting.

Syncing Nike Run Club with Strava

Native Integration Between Nike and Strava

In summer 2023, Nike and Strava collaborated to allow Nike app users to upload activities to Strava and access exclusive challenges source. This integration makes it easier for users to connect their Nike workouts to the Strava community, allowing them to track and share their progress with others.

3rd Party Solutions to Sync

While native integration makes syncing data between the platforms easier, there are additional third-party tools available for syncing activities between Nike Run Club and Strava:


RunGap is an iOS app that functions as a workout data manager. Although an in-app purchase of the VIP package is needed, RunGap can be used to sync activities between Nike Run Club and Strava source.


For Android users, SyncMyTracks is an option for syncing activities between Nike Run Club and Strava source. The process is straightforward and requires the user to follow these steps:

  1. Open n+exporter in your Web browser
  2. Install the Extension
  3. Connect with your Nike Account
  4. Get the Magic Token
  5. Enter your Token
  6. Tap on Connect with Strava
  7. Done

Strava API for Developers

Developers can also utilize the Strava API to build their own solutions for syncing data between Nike Run Club and Strava source. This option allows for a more customized syncing experience for users, ensuring that their workout data is transferred and connected seamlessly between the platforms.

Transferring Your Data

Exporting and Importing Files Between Apps

One way to sync your Nike Run Club data with Strava is by exporting and importing files between the apps. To export your Nike Run Club data, you can use a web browser extension called n+exporter. This tool helps you get a “Magic Token” and within a few steps, connect your Nike account to Strava.

When your Nike Run Club data is exported, you will receive workout files in formats like TCX or GPX. After the export process is complete, you can import these files into Strava. To do this, click the “+” icon on the Strava website or app, select “Upload activity,” and choose the appropriate file.

Using Phone GPS and Route Collections

Another aspect to consider when transferring data between Nike Run Club and Strava is GPS information and route collections. Both apps use your phone’s GPS to track your runs, providing accurate data on your pace, distance, and elevation.

Once your Nike Run Club data has been imported into Strava, you can see your routes in the “Route Collections” feature. To access this, click on the map icon beside each imported run on your Strava activity feed. These route collections can help you analyze your previous runs, compare them with others in the community, and discover new running routes.

Remember to keep the process simple and straightforward, ensuring that you accurately transfer your data between the two apps. Follow the steps outlined above, and soon you will have your Nike Run Club workouts synced with Strava.

Alternative Running Apps and Platforms

Popular Running App Options

There are several popular running app options available for fitness enthusiasts. Some well-known options include:

  • ASICS Runkeeper: An app that helps track runs, set goals, and measure progress.
  • MapMyRun: A comprehensive app that tracks routes, pace, and distance.
  • Adidas Running app: A personalized running app that integrates with various devices and platforms.
  • PUMATRAC: A stylish running app that tracks various performance metrics.
  • Couch to 5K: A beginner-friendly training program to help users reach a 5K run.
  • Pacer Pedometer: A step-tracking app that also offers guided workouts and customized plans.
  • Garmin Connect: A comprehensive fitness tracker that syncs with Garmin devices.
  • Runkeeper: An app that tracks runs and provides personalized training plans.
  • Workout app: A fitness app that offers various workout types and tracking features.
  • Suunto watch: A sports watch that tracks running metrics, sleep, and more.
  • Runtastic: A running app that offers real-time tracking, goal setting, and community features.
  • Step tracker: An app that counts daily steps and offers insights into overall activity.
  • NRC app: Nike’s running app, which offers coaching, training plans, and social features.

Inter-app Compatibility

Inter-app compatibility can be essential for users who rely on multiple platforms or devices for their fitness routine. Some popular running apps, such as the NRC app, have started to integrate with other platforms, like Strava. Additionally, many of these apps support syncing data with devices like Apple Watch, Garmin watches, and more.

For example, Runkeeper offers seamless syncing with Garmin Connect, and Adidas Running app can connect with apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit. It’s always a good idea to review the compatibility options for your preferred running app before committing to a specific platform.

Nike Run Club and Strava Partnership Possibilities

The partnership between Nike and Strava allows users to connect their accounts from Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps to Strava. This collaboration aims to create a more cohesive fitness experience for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

One notable aspect of the partnership is the ability for users to share their activity details seamlessly from both platforms. This syncing feature allows members to track their progress and share their accomplishments with their social circle on both Nike and Strava.

Additionally, Strava members can now join a special Nike-branded club to access challenges and advice from Nike’s expert coaches and athletes. This initiative is designed to inspire connection and motivation within the fitness community.

To sync your Nike Run Club with Strava, you can follow these 7 easy steps outlined by Smartwatch Adviser. Simply connect with your Nike account, get the Magic Token, enter your token, connect with Strava, and you’re all set.

Moreover, this partnership also promises the sharing of more content for users. The collaboration between Nike and Strava potentially offers exclusive access to Spotify playlists, fitness-related videos, and other creative content features that seem to engage users and enhance their fitness journey.

In conclusion, the Nike Run Club and Strava partnership possibilities offer several benefits to users, such as seamless activity tracking, access to exclusive content, and increased motivation through challenges and coaching.

Maximizing the Benefits of Both Platforms

As a runner, it’s a great idea to take advantage of both Nike Run Club (NRC) and Strava platforms in order to get the most out of your running experience. Both apps offer unique features and benefits that will help you stay motivated, track your progress, and connect with other active people.

Using Tips and Tricks in NRC

Nike Run Club is an excellent application for runners who want detailed tracking of their runs and integration with the Nike ecosystem. It offers features such as customized coaching plans, rewards for achieving milestones, and the opportunity to participate in private group challenges with friends. Here are some tips for maximizing the NRC experience:

  • Make use of the coaching plans to help you set goals and gradually increase your mileage and pace.
  • Join the community and engage in private group challenges with friends to stay motivated and accountable.
  • Track your achievements and share them on social media to celebrate your progress.

Strava Integration

Although there is no direct integration between Nike Run Club and Strava, you can still take advantage of Strava’s unique features by transferring your run data manually. This will allow you to access Strava’s features, such as segment leaderboards, performance comparisons with other runners, and the opportunity to join clubs for support and inspiration.

Here’s how to transfer your runs from Nike+ to Strava:

  1. Use a third-party app like RunGap or Smashrun to export your runs from NRC and import them to Strava by linking both accounts.
  2. If you’re using a compatible device, like a Garmin or TomTom, you can easily connect your device to NRC and have your runs automatically sync to Strava.

By incorporating these tips and tricks when using Nike Run Club and Strava, runners can have an integrated and rewarding experience, making the most of both platforms to stay motivated, track progress, and achieve their running goals.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Can Nike Run Club sync with Strava?

Yes, Nike Run Club can sync with Strava, although there is no official sync service between the two platforms. You can use third-party solutions like n+exporter or RunGap for iOS to sync your activities between the two platforms.

How to sync Nike Run Club with Apple Health?

Nike Run Club can sync with Apple Health. To do this, open the Nike Run Club app, go to settings, tap on ‘Partners,’ and then select ‘Apple Health.’ You will need to grant the necessary permissions, and your running data will be shared with Apple Health.

How accurate is the phone GPS in the Nike Run Club app?

The accuracy of your phone’s GPS in the Nike Run Club app depends on your device and the quality of the GPS signal. Generally, smartphones have accurate GPS systems, but factors like urban environments with tall buildings and heavy tree cover can affect the signal.

Does Strava have a network of cyclists?

Yes, Strava has a large network of cyclists and other fitness enthusiasts. Strava offers a social experience, including in-app clubs, for a more engaging workout experience. Collaborate with other users, join clubs based on your interests, and participate in challenges to stay motivated in your fitness journey.

What is the in-app clubs experience in Strava?

The in-app clubs experience in Strava allows you to join clubs based on your interests, location, or activity preferences. Within clubs, you can engage with fellow members, view top performers, participate in challenges, and stay informed about club activities and events.

Troubleshooting: What if my activities are not syncing between Nike Run Club and Strava?

If you face issues syncing your activities between Nike Run Club and Strava, try the following steps:

  • Check if the third-party app or service you use for syncing is up-to-date and properly connected to both accounts.
  • Make sure you have granted necessary permissions for the third-party app to access your Nike Run Club and Strava data.
  • If you’re using phone GPS, ensure that you have a good signal and that your device’s GPS settings are enabled.
  • If the issue persists, you can manually export your activities from one platform and import them to the other as a workaround.

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