Cross Country T-Shirt Funny: Hilarious Designs for Runners in 2023

Cross country running is a sport that tests your endurance, mental strength, and ability to overcome obstacles. It’s a tough and often muddy sport, but it also has a light-hearted component that brings runners together: funny cross country t-shirts. These shirts celebrate the highs and the lows of the sport with a touch of humor, making them the perfect way to express your love and passion for cross country.

The market is full of unique cross country t-shirt designs that cater to all preferences and senses of humor. Whether you’re looking for a shirt to commemorate a great race, poke fun at a tough course, or simply cheer on your favorite runner, there’s a wide variety of designs to choose from. The best cross country t-shirts combine wit, creativity, and the spirit of the sport in one stylish package.

When buying a funny cross country t-shirt, it’s important to consider factors like the quality of the material, the fit, and the durability of the print. You want a shirt that is comfortable to wear, made of a breathable fabric, and can withstand multiple washes and wears. Additionally, the print itself should be clear and easy to read, so that your fellow runners can appreciate the humor.

With these factors in mind, we searched far and wide to curate a list of the best funny cross country t-shirts on the market. So ditch your old, worn-out workout gear and make room in your wardrobe for some new cross country humor – let’s dive into our top picks!

Best Funny Cross Country T-Shirts

We’ve scoured the vast world of Amazon to bring you the wittiest, quirkiest, and most chuckle-worthy cross country t-shirts. Are you ready to impress your fellow runners and spectators alike? Browse our top picks below!

Funny Run Like Your Phone 1% Cross Country XC Gift Men Women T-Shirt

Funny Cross Country T-Shirt

Take on the trails with a laugh in this humorous cross country T-shirt – perfect for long distance runners and their coaches!


  • Comical design, bound to put a smile on your face
  • Good-quality materials and durable construction
  • A great gift for any cross country runner or coach


  • Potential sizing issues, may need to order up
  • Humor might not suit everyone’s taste
  • Heather color options may consist of mixed fabrics

We’ve had a chance to try out this quirky T-shirt from Cross Country Gift Shop, and it certainly injected some fun into our long distance running experience. The shirt displays a lighthearted message, “run like your phone is at 1%”, which is a humorous reminder for all of us to keep pushing our limits.

The shirt itself is made of quality materials – we found it to be soft, comfortable, and durable despite plenty of runs, jogs, and wash cycles. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are hitting the trails regularly and demand performance from their activewear.

Another aspect we appreciate about this T-shirt is its gift-giving potential. It would make a fantastic present for a family member, friend, or teammate who loves to run cross country. We can confirm that this shirt is a guaranteed conversation starter and is likely to draw smiles and laughs from fellow runners.

Keep in mind, however, that the sizing might differ from your usual measurements, so it’s best to take a closer look at the available sizing chart to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, the humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who love a good laugh, it’s a great addition to their wardrobe.

In conclusion, the Funny Run Like Your Phone 1% Cross Country XC Gift Men Women T-Shirt is a delightful choice for those who want to wear their love for cross country running on their sleeves – literally! Just double-check the sizing and embrace the comical side of what this T-shirt has to offer.

Hadley Designs No Excuses Cross Country T-Shirt

No Excuses Cross Country T-Shirt

This No Excuses cross country t-shirt is perfect for running enthusiasts seeking humor and style.


  • Comfortable material blend
  • Ideal for various types of runners
  • Humorous and motivational design


  • Men’s fit may run small
  • Limited color options
  • Only available in heather tones

As avid runners ourselves, we recently tried out the Hadley Designs No Excuses Cross Country T-Shirt and were quite pleased with our experience. The shirt is made of a high-quality blend of cotton and polyester, ensuring a comfortable fit during our cardio workouts and trail runs. It’s suitable for anyone who’s into running, be it casual joggers, fitness fanatics, or high school and college track athletes.

The humorous “No Excuses” slogan on this t-shirt not only made us chuckle but also motivated us to push through challenging workouts and running sessions. It’s a great conversation starter and appeals to fellow runners with a similar sense of humor.

However, there were a few drawbacks to the shirt. The men’s fit does seem to run small, so it’s recommended to size up for a more comfortable and looser fit. Additionally, the shirt is only available in heather tones and has limited color options. So, if you’re looking for a solid-colored running shirt, you might need to browse elsewhere.

Overall, we found the Hadley Designs No Excuses Cross Country T-Shirt to be a fun and comfortable option for our running sessions. Its blend of humor, style, and motivation make it an excellent choice for any running enthusiast looking to make a statement during their workouts.

RunnersParadise Funny Cross Country T-Shirt

Funny Cross Country T-Shirt

We think this shirt is a hilarious addition to anyone’s cross country wardrobe, but it might not be for everyone.


  • Comfortable materials used
  • Witty and fun design
  • Showcases cross country pride


  • Limited to cross country fanatics
  • Only 3.2/5 rating from customers
  • May not be suitable for formal events

The RunnersParadise Funny Cross Country T-Shirt caught our attention recently and we couldn’t wait to try it on. The blend of cotton and polyester makes the shirt feel comfortable against our skin. We found the shirt’s tongue-in-cheek humor to be quite amusing, making us chuckle when reading the smart people sport statement.

However, we quickly realized that this shirt is best suited for those who appreciate cross country humor. If you aren’t into cross country, the joke might fall flat. Having said that, it’s perfect for those who want to celebrate their love for the sport and make their fellow runners giggle.

The overall 3.2 out of 5 ratings on Amazon might worry potential buyers. While we were mostly satisfied with the quality and fit, it’s worth noting that not all customers might share our enthusiasm. Lastly, we’d like to point out that it might not be the best choice for formal occasions, as humor isn’t always suitable for all settings.

In conclusion, the RunnersParadise Funny Cross Country T-Shirt is an entertaining and comfortable choice for anyone heavily involved with or fascinated by cross country running. However, it may not be the ideal pick for someone who doesn’t share the same passion or a more conservative environment. But if you want to express your devotion to the sport in a fun and humorous way, this shirt is a suitable addition to your wardrobe.

Funny Cross Country Running Is Insane T-Shirt

Funny Cross Country Running Is Insane T-Shirt

For those who love hilarious cross country running designs, this t-shirt is definitely worth getting.


  • Great conversation starter
  • Comfortable and lightweight material
  • Unique and funny design


  • Sizing might be off
  • Limited color options
  • Not suitable for formal occasions

Ever since we got our hands on this shirt – trust us – it has been a favorite addition to our wardrobe! The Funny Cross Country Running Is Insane T-Shirt, by Cross Country Lover Gifts & Gift Ideas, combines humor with a passion for cross country running. The design is perfect for runners who enjoy making a statement and having a good laugh.

When it comes to comfort, this t-shirt doesn’t disappoint. Whether we’re just lounging around the house or hitting the trails, it’s a pleasure to wear. The pull-on closure and machine washability make it convenient for everyday use, and its lightweight fabric ensures we stay cool even during those intense runs.

However, there’s a minor issue with sizing. Some customers mentioned that the size they received was smaller than expected. It’s best to check measurements carefully and possibly order a size up if in doubt. Also, keep in mind that while the t-shirt is incredibly fun, it might not be ideal for formal occasions or situations where a more subtle appearance is required.

To sum up, if you’re searching for a t-shirt with a unique design that showcases your love for cross country running and humor, the Funny Cross Country Running Is Insane T-Shirt is definitely worth considering. Just make sure to double-check the size, and you’ll most likely enjoy wearing this entertaining piece on your runs and beyond.

Hadley Designs Cross Country Funny T-Shirt

Hadley Designs Cross Country Funny T-Shirt

This shirt is an amusing and comfortable piece of clothing for cross country runners that we believe will put a smile on their faces.


  • Hilarious design fitting for cross country enthusiasts
  • High-quality materials and comfortable fit
  • Suitable for both casual wear and training sessions


  • Might not appeal to everyone’s sense of humor
  • Limited color options available
  • May not withstand heavy wear and tear

We recently wore the Hadley Designs Cross Country Funny T-Shirt during our morning runs and found it to be extremely comfortable, thanks to its high-quality materials and fit. The shirt’s humor is undoubtedly its selling point, boasting a witty take on the challenges faced by cross country runners. As a group of runners ourselves, we can definitely appreciate the clever design.

In our experience, the shirt is great for training sessions as well as casual wear. The material is breathable and allows for comfort during workouts. However, we did notice that the shirt may not hold up against heavy wear and tear as well as other athletic apparel might. It’s essential to keep this in mind if you plan on using it extensively for training.

Lastly, while we absolutely love the humor and design on this shirt, it’s important to note that the humor may not cater to everyone’s taste. Likewise, the limited color options available may deter potential buyers. Regardless, for those who appreciate the shirt’s amusing design and quality, it’s a fantastic gift option for a fellow cross country runner or even a treat for yourself.

Funny XC Cross Country Coach Gift T-Shirt

Funny XC Cross Country Coach Gift T-Shirt

If you’re a cross country enthusiast, this humorous t-shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe.


  • Comfortable material
  • Unique and funny design
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Limited color options
  • Might not be suitable for formal events
  • Sizing might be slightly off for some individuals

When we first came across the Funny XC Cross Country Coach Gift T-Shirt from Cross Country Gift Shop, we knew we just had to try it. As avid cross country runners, it’s not every day you find a t-shirt that truly captures the spirit and humor of the sport.

Having worn the shirt on several occasions now, we can vouch for its comfort. The cotton blend in its fabric feels soft on the skin and is perfect for lounging or even wearing on casual runs. Moreover, the humorous design featuring a funny quote about cross country running is a great conversation starter; it never fails to make our friends laugh.

While this t-shirt definitely brings some humor to the world of cross country running, it is worth mentioning that it’s probably not the best choice for more formal events or gatherings. Also, the available color options are limited, so if you’re keen on having a variety of colors to choose from, you might be slightly disappointed.

We also noticed that the sizing of the t-shirt can be a little off for some people, so it’s essential to refer to the size chart provided before making a purchase. But aside from these minor flaws, we thoroughly enjoy wearing our Funny XC Cross Country Coach Gift T-Shirt – it’s a fun addition to our wardrobe and a perfect representation of our passion for cross country running.

Buying Guide

Ah, cross country running, a sport where we get to enjoy the great outdoors, push our limits, and of course, express ourselves through t-shirts! Now, we want to make sure we’re picking the best cross country t-shirt, both stylish and functional. Let’s dive into the factors to consider when choosing the ultimate shirt for those long, charming runs.

First and foremost, material matters! We suggest looking for shirts made of moisture-wicking fabrics to keep us dry and fresh – think polyester or poly-blend materials. We should avoid cotton, as it tends to retain sweat and weigh us down during our run. Oh, and chafing? Not a fan. Shirts with flatlock seams can help prevent that uncomfortable dilemma.

Now, let’s talk fit. What kind of sleeve style tickles our fancy? Short sleeves are the classic choice, but sleeveless might give us that extra freedom to wave our arms like we just don’t care. As for the fit, whether we prefer a snug or loose shirt, it’s all about feeling good during the run. Just don’t forget to factor in the weather conditions and how many layers we might need!

Of course, we’re all about funny designs – it’s cross country after all! When choosing a shirt with humor, we want to keep it tasteful but memorable. Opt for witty phrases or clever illustrations that resonate with our teammates or running community. Let’s think outside the box, as long as it’s within the bounds of good taste. Who says we can’t make ’em laugh while we run?

Lastly, let’s not overlook durability and quality. We’ll be wearing these gems repeatedly, so we want a shirt that can withstand multiple washes without fading or losing shape. Bonus points for shirts made by companies that prioritize eco-friendly practices or are part of the fair labor movement – y’know, doing good while looking good!

So, there you have it, folks! Keep these points in mind during your cross country t-shirt hunt, and we’ll be well on our way to finding the perfect blend of comfort, style, and humor to rock during those delightful runs. Happy shopping!

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