Running Clubs Hawaii: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Running clubs in Hawaii offer a supportive environment and a great way to engage in the sport for both beginners and experienced runners. These clubs often cater to various fitness levels and running goals, thereby creating a welcoming atmosphere for those who wish to improve their running skills, train for specific races, or simply socialize with fellow running enthusiasts.

The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club, for example, is Hawaii’s largest running club with a history dating back to 1962. Based in Honolulu, the club organizes more than 20 races per year and fosters a sense of camaraderie among athletes of all ages and abilities. In addition to participating in scheduled races, members can enjoy the club’s resources, attend meetings, and take part in occasional social gatherings.

Across the Hawaiian islands, running clubs like these bring together people with a shared love for running in Hawaii’s paradise-like environment. These clubs not only offer a well-rounded experience for members but also facilitate personal growth, community involvement, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Running Clubs in Hawaii

Hawaii is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts, including runners. With its pleasant climate and picturesque landscapes, joining a running club in Hawaii can not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also allow you to explore the beauty of the islands. In this section, we will introduce two prominent running clubs in Hawaii: Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club and Road Runners Club of America.

Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club

The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club is Hawaii’s largest running club, founded in 1962 and based in Honolulu. The club organizes more than 20 races per year, catering to a diverse array of runners, from marathoners to first-time 5K athletes. The MPRRC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and its mission is to promote running as a healthy lifelong pursuit and support the running community on Oahu.

Members of the club can enjoy various benefits, such as discounts on race entry fees, advanced notice of upcoming events, and opportunities to participate in club meetings and social gatherings. The MPRRC is committed to ensuring the safety of its members, so police officers are stationed along the courses to direct traffic during club events.

Road Runners Club of America

Although not specific to Hawaii, the Road Runners Club of America is a national organization that supports running clubs across the United States. The RRCA provides resources, guidelines, and networking opportunities for club members and affiliates. The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club is, in fact, a member of the Road Runners Club of America, which highlights its commitment to promoting running as a healthy activity.

The Road Runners Club of America offers services and programs for running clubs and individual runners, such as coaching certification, race director certification, and event insurance. It also organizes the RRCA National Championship Event Series, which features various races and distances across the country. Membership in a club affiliated with the RRCA adds credibility and helps you connect with the broader national running community.

In conclusion, joining a running club in Hawaii allows you to stay active, socialize with fellow runners, and explore the island’s exquisite environment while participating in organized events. The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club and the affiliation with Road Runners Club of America provide excellent resources and support for both novice and experienced runners on the islands.

Club Locations and Meeting Times


In Honolulu, the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club is the largest running club, catering to various running enthusiasts. Members meet in different locations across the city, with many gatherings occurring at the popular Ala Moana Beach Park. They organize over 20 races each year and welcome runners of all abilities.

Another option in Honolulu is Runners Route, a local store that hosts group runs for the community. They offer runs catering to varying levels of fitness, meeting at their store located in the heart of downtown.


On the island of Oahu, many running clubs and groups cater to different locations, interests, and skill levels. Some groups, such as the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club, have a strong presence on the island, offering support to the running community through races and organizing events.

For instance, a popular meeting spot for runners is the Ala Wai area, located near Waikiki. This location offers a picturesque route along the canal, providing an ideal backdrop for group runs, training sessions, and social gatherings.

For those interested in more structured training and camaraderie, consider the following running clubs on Oahu:

  • Club Name: Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club
    • Location: Multiple locations around Honolulu and Oahu
    • Meeting Time: Various times, depending on the event
    • Website:
  • Club Name: Runners Route

Keep in mind that the above information is subject to change, and it’s always best to check club websites or social media for the most up-to-date details on club locations and meeting times.

Benefits of Joining a Running Club

Joining a running club provides numerous advantages for both new and experienced runners. These benefits span from health and fitness improvements to building a strong sense of community within the local running scene.

One significant benefit that comes from joining a running club is the social aspect. Becoming part of a group enables runners to meet new people, forge new friendships, and create lasting relationships. Connecting with members of the running community helps individuals feel more in tune with their local environment while fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

Running clubs also offer valuable support systems for those interested in developing their fitness levels. Members have access to coaching services, enabling them to tap into expert advice on training techniques, strategies, and injury prevention. This guidance ensures runners get the most out of their training while minimizing the risk of setbacks.

Another key aspect of running clubs is the motivation they provide. Training with other local runners makes it easier to stay accountable, set goals, and remain consistent in achieving them. Participants can also experience the benefits of a race-like environment which can improve their overall speed.

In addition to enhancing individual running abilities, being part of a running club can also foster a greater sense of community involvement. Many clubs take pride in organizing events that bring people together, such as races or fundraisers that benefit local causes.

Overall, joining a running club offers numerous advantages that can help individuals grow as runners, improve their fitness levels, and contribute to their local community. Engaging in group runs fosters a supportive environment that leads to a healthier and more connected running community.

Events and Races


The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club is Hawaii’s largest running club and organizes numerous events throughout the year, including marathons. One of the most prominent marathon events in Hawaii is the Honolulu Marathon, which attracts thousands of participants and supports local charities. This annual event offers a memorable experience for runners, as they are provided with a safe and well-managed race through scenic routes.

Marathons in Hawaii offer a unique opportunity for runners to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the islands while participating in a challenging and rewarding event.

Half Marathons

In addition to marathons, the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club also organizes a variety of half marathon events for runners of all skill levels. These races are designed to provide an enjoyable experience and promote healthy lifestyles within the community.

Some popular half marathon events include:

  • The Kailua Freedom Run for Epilepsy: Taking place every year on July 4th, this race raises funds and awareness for epilepsy research and support. It offers a uniquely patriotic event for participants and spectators alike. More information can be found on Running in the USA.
  • The Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon: This annual event brings together both local and international runners for a race that showcases the beauty of Hawaii. The event features a mixture of road and trail running, providing a uniquely challenging experience for participants.

Most of these races support local charities and initiatives, allowing participants to not only challenge themselves but also contribute positively to the local community. Hawaii’s running events are an excellent opportunity for both seasoned and novice runners to stay active, meet like-minded individuals, and enjoy the stunning beauty of the islands.

Training and Courses

The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club (MPRRC) is the largest running club in Hawaii, offering various training programs and courses to cater to runners of all levels. As a non-profit organization, MPRRC strives to promote running as a healthy lifetime pursuit and support the running community in Oahu (source).

One of the key aspects of MPRRC’s offerings is their focus on safety. Police officers are stationed along the courses during races to direct traffic, ensuring that runners can focus on their performance without worrying about external hazards. Additionally, the club organizes regular meetings and social gatherings where members can share running tips, discuss race experiences, and engage with their fellow runners (source).

MPRRC’s training programs often feature guidelines on proper stretching techniques and injury prevention, which can be essential for long-distance runners. Including a regular stretching routine in one’s training regimen may help to avoid muscle imbalances, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury.

Some popular courses provided by MPRRC include various distance options, such as 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races. These events cater to different running abilities, allowing individuals to challenge themselves while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hawaii.

In addition to MPRRC, Honolulu Marathon’s Run Club offers coaching and guidance from experienced runners and coaches. Jonathan Lyau, the run club’s head coach, is a Hawaii State high school track champion and has completed nearly 40 marathons, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group (source).

Runners looking for additional group training options in Honolulu can explore other running clubs such as NiteRun and Runners Route (source). These clubs often host group runs and events, providing opportunities for socialization and camaraderie among local runners.

Overall, Hawaii’s running clubs offer a variety of training opportunities and courses suitable for individuals with different goals and abilities. By participating in these clubs, runners can safely improve their performance, meet fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Aloha State.

Hawaii Beaches for Clothing-Optional Running

If you’re interested in clothing-optional running, Hawaii offers some beautiful beaches where naturism is practiced. One such destination is Kahuku Beach, located by the old Kahuku airstrip. It’s an unofficial clothing-optional spot, less crowded than popular Polo Beach.

Another option is Swimfree Hawaii, a place that specializes in clothing-optional recreation and promotes body acceptance. Located in Kailua-Kona, Swimfree Hawaii offers visitors a judgment-free zone where they can run without clothes among other clothing-optional activities.

While exploring clothing-optional beaches in Hawaii, be respectful of local customs and regulations. Not all beaches in the state allow naturism, and violating the rules can lead to fines or other penalties. As with any running adventure, remember to stay mindful of the environment and practice good sportsmanship.

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