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Stride Tribe

Stride Tribe is an open running club where membership is earned by completing challenges. From professional runners to casual weekend racers, anyone adventurous enough to take on our challenges can level up their StrideTribe status. What kind of challenges? Our commitment to giving back to the community and incorporating event diversity are evident in many of the StrideTribe challenges. The full list of StrideTribe challenges can be found on the challenge page.  

Membership in the StrideTribe running club is free, or rather payable in dedication, service, and sweat. We have attitude. We compete. Nice guys finish last, and we expect to win: on the course and in the community. So we race with attitude. We serve with attitude. We train with attitude, and we give with attitude.  

StrideTribe is, well, a TRIBE. When you see the club colors serving alongside you in a Red Cross Disaster Response unit or passing you on the last grueling hill of a 10k, you know you’ve found your people. Your tribe.  

The StrideTribe challenge-based running club was conceived by Matthew Brunken as a way to connect the community of servant-heart, yet highly competitive, running community. Our members earn their colors by undertaking and proving challenges aimed at both bettering our communities and pushing our boundaries as athletes.  

Are leaderboards segmented by gender? Age? 

This question gets at the heart of what makes StrideTribe so awesome. Our challenges are not time-based, so having separate boards for males, females, non-binary, ethnicity or any other demographic is not necessary.  A 90-year old African American can raise as much money for leukemia research as a 12-year old male from Japan. 

Do I have to be a member of StribeTribe running club to wear the “club colors?”

A percentage of all apparel sales goes to supporting non-profits, so we will never decline a sale based on membership. If caught wearing the club colors at a race, however, we will tar and feather you! Just kidding of course. 

Can I belong to StrideTribe and other run clubs simultaneously? 

Yes. StrideTribe will never require you to denounce your allegiance to another club. Other clubs may have a policy limiting membership. But any club that forbids membership in a club dedicated to prospering the community, the sport, and the athlete…well, screw those guys anyway.  

Does StrideTribe have a sponsored team or professional affiliate program? 

Currently working on it. On a related note, if you’re a charismatic athlete or sports photographer, reach out with any interest you have in repping the colors. Membership not required but highly preferrable.