Austin Running Clubs: A Guide to Top Five Local Groups for Runners

Looking for Austin running clubs? Austin, Texas is known for its vibrant fitness culture, and the city’s running clubs provide opportunities for people of all abilities to stay active and make connections with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or a casual jogger, joining a running club can help improve your performance, keep you motivated, and create lasting friendships. With a variety of clubs and groups available throughout the city, there’s sure to be one that aligns with your interests and goals.

One popular choice among Austinites is the Austin Runners Club, an organization that offers affordable membership and various training programs. ATX Runners is another nonprofit option, providing free workouts and individualized marathon or half marathon training plans. Both of these clubs cater to all levels of runners and emphasize camaraderie and support among their members.

For those seeking a more specialized experience, Austin Run Groups introduces a range of clubs such as Gilbert’s Gazelles and the SpeedShop Mafia, each offering their unique approach to group runs and training sessions. With such diversity in the Austin running club scene, it’s no wonder participation and excitement around the sport continues to grow in this lively Texan city.

Popular Austin Running Clubs

Atx Runners

Atx Runners is a welcoming and friendly running group based in Austin, Texas. They offer group runs on a variety of days and times to accommodate differing schedules. With a focus on both camaraderie and fitness, Atx Runners caters to individuals looking to run with others who share their passion.

Austin Runners Club

Austin Runners Club is the city’s largest nonprofit, volunteer running organization. Providing support and resources for all levels of runners, they organize group runs throughout the week, often taking advantage of Austin’s beautiful terrain including its famous hills. Saturdays are particularly popular days for group runs, providing a meaningful weekend activity for many members.


Gazelles Running Club is renowned for its professional coaching by founder Gilbert Tuhabonye. This Austin-based club provides personalized training programs for runners aiming to improve their skills, speed, and endurance. Gazelles is known for its enthusiastic members and supportive environment, making it a fantastic option for any runner looking to challenge themselves.

Austin Turtles

The Austin Turtles running club is perfect for individuals looking to enjoy a more relaxed and social running experience. With group runs typically scheduled on Saturdays, members can take in the Texas scenery while focusing on building their strength and endurance. The Austin Turtles is a fantastic choice for any runner looking to meet like-minded individuals and share their love for running in the heart of Texas.

Weekly Running Events

Monday Mansion Run

Join the Monday Mansion Run for a scenic and enjoyable start to your week. This running event takes place every Monday, offering a variety of distances and paces for runners of all abilities. The route takes participants through some of Austin’s most beautiful neighborhoods with stunning mansions along the way. After the run, participants often gather for a post-run meal, providing a great opportunity for socializing with fellow runners.

Tuesday Hill Workouts

Tuesday Hill Workouts are an ideal way to improve your strength and stamina. These sessions are held on Tuesdays, focusing on hill training to help participants enhance their running capabilities. Regardless of your running experience, hill workouts can bring significant improvements to your performance. Ensure you bring a positive attitude and be ready to tackle Austin’s rolling terrain.

Thursday Ship of Fools

On Thursdays, join the Thursday Ship of Fools running group for a pleasant and challenging run. This group welcomes runners of various skill levels, with different pace groups available to cater to individual needs. The route usually covers 7-10 miles with an average pace of around 8:30 minutes per mile. Participants often share running tips, make new friends, and socialize after the run, making it an enjoyable regular event.

Saturday Group Long Runs

Long runs are a critical component of many training programs, so consider joining the Saturday Group Long Runs for your weekend workout. These organized runs take place each Saturday, and cater to all experience levels. Distances and pace groups vary, ensuring there’s an option for all participants. These runs provide a great opportunity to explore new routes, share running strategies, and come together with fellow running enthusiasts in Austin.

Specialized Running Groups

The Loop Running Supply

The Loop Running Supply is a popular store and running community in Austin, Texas. They offer group runs and training programs for all levels of runners, including marathon training and speed workouts. Their group runs usually cater to multiple pace groups, allowing runners of various abilities to participate. The Loop Running Supply also offers expert advice and gear to help improve your running experience.

Rise and Run South

Located in south Austin, Rise and Run South is a running group that focuses on building a strong and inclusive fitness community. They offer group runs, strength training classes, and more to help their members reach their fitness goals. Their group runs often cover various distances and paces, making it a good choice for runners of all abilities.

Northwest Hills Flyers

The Northwest Hills Flyers is a running group based in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin, Texas. They cater to athletes of all levels, from newcomers to seasoned runners. The group organizes weekly group runs, providing a supportive and inspiring environment for members to achieve their goals. The Flyers also often participate in local races and events, promoting community engagement and fitness.

Far West Walkers

The Far West Walkers is a running and walking group situated in the Far West neighborhood of Austin, Texas. This group offers an inclusive atmosphere for individuals looking to improve their fitness through running or walking. They organize weekly group runs and walks, promoting physical activity while fostering a sense of community among members.

Social Runs and Post-Run Activities

Art and Running Events

Austin, Texas is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, so it’s no surprise that the city’s running clubs often incorporate art into their activities. Local art galleries and public art installations can be found along many popular running routes, making each run both entertaining and visually stimulating. Some running groups have even organized themed events around local art exhibits, encouraging runners to use their creativity as they explore Austin on foot.

Beer and Running Groups

There’s nothing like rewarding yourself with a refreshing beer after completing a challenging run. In Austin, many running clubs combine their love for running with their appreciation for local breweries. These groups typically have post-run social gatherings at nearby bars or breweries, where runners can enjoy discounted drinks and engage in friendly conversation. One example is the North Austin Run Club, which hosts 3-mile runs followed by social time and discounted drinks at Little Woodrow’s Burnet every Monday at 7:30 PM.

The Rock Running Meetups

The Rock Running Meetups are a unique way for Austin runners to connect with their sport and the local community. Runners gather at scenic spots, such as nature trails or city parks, and engage in moderate-paced runs with designated stops at iconic landmarks or picturesque locations. These meetups combine the benefits of exercise with the tranquility and beauty of nature, making for a truly revitalizing experience. Participants often run at a pace of around 8:30 per mile, making it accessible to various fitness levels.

Scheduled Group Runs

Austin running clubs understand the importance of consistency and routine. To encourage continued commitment and improvement, many clubs offer regularly scheduled group runs that cater to different skill levels and personal goals. For example, The Austin Runners Club organizes weekly training runs on scenic routes, offering a supportive environment for runners to improve their pace and endurance. Membership in the club also provides access to race discounts and exclusive deals at local running stores and fitness centers.

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