Landsharks Running Club: Enhancing Fitness and Friendship

Landsharks Running Club, a Colorado Springs-based non-profit organization, offers a unique opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills and character in a positive and safe environment. Catering to children in Kindergarten through 6th grade, this club focuses on fostering a fun atmosphere where participants can compete against their individual abilities, improve personal skills, and build lasting friendships.

The cornerstone of Landsharks Running Club’s philosophy is promoting character-based programs that encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship. This approach has made a significant impact on the local community, attracting hundreds of young athletes and earning the admiration of parents and educators alike. By providing a supportive atmosphere for growth and development, the organization helps children unlock their athletic potential while simultaneously instilling vital life skills and values.

Participants of the Landsharks Running Club can expect a comprehensive training program that encompasses various aspects of running, from technique to endurance. With a team of dedicated coaches and staff members, the club consistently achieves its mission of fostering a love for running among its young members while also nurturing their overall development. The positive experiences gained through participation in the club’s activities will undoubtedly serve these young athletes well, both on and off the track.

History and Mission of Landsharks Running Club

The Landsharks Running Club was established in 2000, and since then, it has offered over 100,000 children in the Colorado Springs area experiences that benefit their physical and psycho-social health. This club focuses on providing a positive and safe environment for children to develop both athletically and socially.

The mission of the Landsharks Running Club is to develop young athletes through character-based programs targeting Kindergarten through 6th-grade students. The club aims to create a nurturing environment that emphasizes fun, competition against individual abilities, personal skills improvement, being a supportive teammate, making new friends, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Landsharks Running Club organizes various programs throughout the year. In the fall and winter, activities focus on cross-country, while spring and summer programs emphasize track and field events. The club caters to children of all running ability levels and believes in bringing the community together through shared athletic experiences and a love for running.

With a dedicated Board of Directors overseeing the administration and activities of the club, Landsharks Running Club is committed to maintaining its standing as a pillar of the Colorado Springs community. Parents and community members can stay connected and informed about the club’s activities and events through its Facebook page.

Ultimately, the Landsharks Running Club strives to create an environment that fosters long-term growth and development for its young athletes. By emphasizing a positive, safe, and character-based approach, the club aims to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of its participants while teaching them valuable life skills that extend beyond the running track.

Programs Offered

Training Sessions and Workouts

Landsharks Running Club offers various programs designed to introduce young athletes, from kindergarten to 6th grade, to the sport of running. They focus on nurturing a fun and safe environment while developing personal skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The club provides training sessions and workouts tailored to the specific age group and skill level of the participants, with an emphasis on improving self-improvement, form, function, and stamina.

Young runners are encouraged to develop their pace in both short distance running and long distance running. The training sessions also include guidance in proper running techniques and how to be an encouraging teammate. Various activities and games are incorporated into the workouts to keep the young athletes engaged while honing their skills.

Summer Camps

In addition to their regular training sessions, Landsharks Running Club also offers Summer Camps. These camps provide a more in-depth and immersive experience for young athletes. The camps cater to various track and field events, such as relays, shot put, hurdles, javelin, and more.

During the summer camps, athletes focus on specific events and receive specialized coaching on techniques, form, and function. The camps provide an opportunity to develop newfound skills in a broader range of activities, giving young athletes a comprehensive understanding of running, as well as track and field events. All activities are designed to foster personal growth, team spirit, and a passion for the sport within a supportive and enjoyable environment.

The Landsharks Running Club is dedicated to developing young athletes, instilling in them the values of teamwork, perseverance, and a love for running. Through their training sessions, workouts, and summer camps, they provide a foundation for a lifelong engagement in sport and a healthy lifestyle. source

Participating Schools

The Landsharks Running Club is a popular program for developing young athletes in a positive and safe environment. Many schools participate in this character-based program, focused on promoting healthy lifestyles, having fun, and improving personal skills. Over 100 schools throughout the Colorado Springs Area, Monument, Woodland Park, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and Cherry Creek have joined the initiative.

Two notable participating schools are Mountain Ridge Middle School and The Vanguard School. Mountain Ridge Middle School, located at 9150 Lexington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, offers the Landsharks Running Club program from June 19th to 23rd, with training sessions occurring from 8:30-10:00 am. The cost for joining the program at Mountain Ridge is $95.

Another participating school, The Vanguard School, is situated at 1605 S Corona Avenue in Colorado Springs. As a part of the Landsharks Running Club, students here also have the opportunity to engage in character-based athletic programs while improving their personal skills and forming new friendships.

In addition to these schools, many other educational institutions have also embraced the Landsharks Running Club initiative. To check if your school participates in the program, you can visit the Landsharks Running Club’s list of all participating schools.

With the broad range of schools involved in the Landsharks Running Club, young athletes have ample opportunity to engage in a positive, safe, and enriching athletic experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle and builds character.

Landsharks in the Community

The Landsharks Running Club is a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs, dedicated to developing young athletes in positive, safe, character-based programs. Focusing on students in Kindergarten through 6th grade, the club prioritizes fun, individual abilities, personal skill improvement, teamwork, building friendships, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Community engagement plays a crucial role in the success of the Landsharks Running Club. They organize frequent cross country events, providing young athletes with opportunities to make new friends while participating in a fun, competitive environment. With an emphasis on character development, the club’s activities also promote important values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline.

The summer camps offered by Landsharks Running Club are yet another way to engage the community, strengthening the connection between participants, their families, and the wider Colorado Springs area. The enjoyment and excitement of these events ripple across the community, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and unity.

Involving dedicated coaches and volunteers from diverse backgrounds only helps to enhance the club’s offerings. Landsharks Running Club’s commitment to staff development ensures a high level of expertise to guide and inspire young athletes. This passionate team consistently supports the well-rounded growth of each participant, both on and off the tracks.

The recognition of Landsharks Running Club as the winner of the 2023 Best of Colorado Springs Award in the Youth Organization category is testament to the positive impact they have on the local community. This achievement is a reflection of their steadfast dedication to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and growth-oriented atmosphere for children in the area. Through their various programs, events, and initiatives, the Landsharks Running Club remains an essential pillar of support and development for the youth of Colorado Springs.

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