Airmax 90 Airmax 97 Running Club: Unleashing Your True Potential

The popularity of sneakers has soared in recent years, with brands constantly revamping classic models and launching new styles to cater to the demands of sneaker enthusiasts. Among these beloved models are the Nike Air Max 90 and Air Max 97, both of which have joined the “Running Club” lineup. The collection offers a blend of vibrant colors and unique features, providing a retro feel while maintaining the unmatched comfort and performance that these shoes are known for.

Nike Air Max 90 SE Running Club boasts a stylish design, featuring a blend of suede, leather, and mesh materials. The sneaker is adorned with various shades of orange and green, giving it a lively appearance that is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their footwear. On the other hand, the Air Max 97 Running Club comes with a sleek and modern look, incorporating reflective detailing for added visibility during low-light conditions. The shoe’s lightweight and breathable mesh and synthetic upper materials ensure maximum comfort during long runs or casual outings.

Both the Air Max 90 and 97 Running Club editions offer the iconic Air Max cushioning system, which delivers responsive and comfortable support for all-day wear. These shoes not only cater to the needs of runners but also appeal to sneaker fans who appreciate the combination of performance, style, and comfort.

Overview of Airmax 90 and Airmax 97

History of Nike Air Max

The Nike Air Max series has been a staple in the sneaker world since its inception in 1987. The first model, the Nike Air Max 1, was an instant classic, and the line has only grown in popularity over time. Two of the most iconic models in the series are the Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max 97. The Air Max 90 was originally known as the Air Max 3 and was introduced at the beginning of the new decade in the 1990s. It has since become one of the most popular sneakers worldwide. On the other hand, the Air Max 97 was released in—you guessed it—1997.

Key Features and Design

Air Max 90:

  • Comfort: Many enthusiasts find the Air Max 90 to be one of the most comfortable in the Nike Air Max series.
  • Iconic look: The Air Max 90 is characterized by its distinct, classic Nike pattern that features the brand’s logo on the side and “Air Max” carved above the heels.
  • Materials: The shoe comes in various colorways with materials that include suede mix and leather upper options.

Air Max 97:

  • Wave-like pattern: The Air Max 97 is distinguished by its wave-like pattern on the sides of the shoe, giving it a modern, sleek appearance.
  • Smaller Nike logo: Unlike the Air Max 90, the Air Max 97 features a more subtle Nike logo above the midsoles.
  • Tongueless design: A unique feature of the Air Max 97 is its tongueless design, which provides a snug fit and a streamlined, modern look.

As part of the Nike Air Max lineup, both the Air Max 90 and Air Max 97 are built for style and functionality. Over the years, their appeal has expanded beyond the realm of sportswear, becoming a go-to choice for sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Running Club and AMRC

AMRC Origins

The Air Max Running Club (AMRC) is a collection of Nike shoes inspired by the Athletics West running team founded in 1977 by Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight, and Geoff Hollister. Their influence can be seen in the design of iconic silhouettes such as the Air Max 90 and Air Max 97 as part of the AMRC collection. These sneakers feature unique detailing such as plush exposed foam tongues and mismatched ‘AMRC’ and ‘BVRTN, OR’ tags on the lateral sides, reflecting the storied heritage of the original running club.

Benefits for Runners

The AMRC collection offers several benefits for runners, including:

  • Comfort: Both the Air Max 90 and Air Max 97 sneakers are designed with cushioning that provides optimal comfort and support while running. The Air Max technology reduces the impact force on the runner’s body, ensuring a smoother running experience.
  • Breathability: These sneakers are built with lightweight and breathable materials, keeping the runner’s feet cool and dry during intense workouts or long runs.
  • Style: The AMRC collection features distinctive colorways and design elements inspired by the classic aesthetics of Athletics West, allowing runners to combine performance and style on the track or the streets.

In conclusion, the AMRC collection pays homage to the rich history of Athletics West running team and provides modern runners with a perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and style.

Nike Air Max 97 Release

Color and Style Details

The Nike Air Max 97 Running Club sneaker features a stylish black and blue colorway with distressed suede accents. The sneaker’s upper is constructed from mesh, while the mudguard protects the shoe from dirt and debris. The black is contrasted by the signature white midsole, which houses the full-length Air unit for unparalleled comfort and support. The outsole provides durability and traction for various surfaces.

One of the key aspects of the Running Club Air Max 97 is the new branding inspired by Nike’s involvement in the running revolution of the ’70s. The sneaker pays homage to the Athletics West team and features era-echoing materials to give it a retro look. The iconic ripple design of the original Air Max 97 is retained in this special edition, adding to its unique style.

Retail Availability

The Nike Air Max 97 SE “AMRC” was officially released on January 21st, 2022, with a style code of DH1085-001. The sneaker can be found at various retailers, including Nike’s official website and StockX, where price data and release details are available for interested buyers.

Key Information:

  • Release Date: January 21st, 2022
  • Style Code: DH1085-001
  • Colorway: Black/Blue
  • Materials: Mesh, Distressed Suede
  • Branding: Running Club/Athletics West-inspired

Nike Air Max 90 Release

Color and Style Details

The Nike Air Max 90 Running Club edition, with the SKU code DC9336-300, features a striking color combination of Roma Green, Sail, Orange, and Mean Green. Crafted from high-quality materials including suede, leather, and mesh, the Air Max 90 SE comes with an appealing vintage look. Shades of deep royal and obsidian blend effortlessly with the bold colors, giving the shoe an eye-catching flair.

The white midsole contrasts well with the vibrant orange and green outsole, maintaining the balance between nostalgia and contemporary design. With reflective detailing on the iconic Air Max cushioning system, these sneakers provide enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

Retail Availability

Launched in February 2022, the Air Max 90 SE “Running Club” was made available at selected retailers and online platforms. The shoe was priced at $160 for men’s sizing, catering to a wide audience of sneaker enthusiasts and collectors. Furthermore, the unique colorway and nostalgic aesthetic have garnered attention from a broad demographic of fans.

Customers seeking the Air Max 90 SE “Running Club” can find it at various retail outlets, such as Hanon, where it retailed for £135 (approximately $180 USD). As the demand for stylish and comfortable sneakers continues to grow, the Nike Air Max 90 SE “Running Club” is poised to be a sought-after option for many sneakerheads.

Pricing and Retail Locations

Nike Air Max 97 Pricing

The Nike Air Max 97 typically has a retail price around $180. This price may vary depending on the colorway, materials, and any limited edition releases. Keep in mind that prices may also fluctuate depending on demand and availability.

Nike Air Max 90 Pricing

The Nike Air Max 90 shoes are available at a more affordable price point compared to the Air Max 97. For instance, the classic Nike Air Max 90 Shoes are priced at $129.99. Sale prices can be found, such as the $90.97 discount option for certain styles. As with the Air Max 97, prices may vary based on various factors such as colorway, materials, and limited edition releases.

Online and In-Store Retailers

There are several locations to purchase Nike Air Max 90 and Air Max 97 shoes, both online and in-store. One option is to visit where you can find a variety of styles and colorways directly from the brand. Other online options include stores like Flight Club, which offers a curated selection of authentic sneakers.

For those who prefer physical retail locations, select Nike and sneaker retailers carry the Air Max 90 and Air Max 97 models. In New York City, you can visit Flight Club New York (FCNY) at 812 Broadway. In Los Angeles, Flight Club LA (FCLA) is located at 535 N Fairfax. Additionally, in Miami, Flight Club Miami (FC Miami) can be found at 3910 NE 1st Ave.

Remember to confirm availability and shoe styles before visiting any retail store or purchasing online, as selections may vary depending on location and retailer. Happy shopping!

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