Fleet Feet Running Club: Enhancing Performance and Community Connections

Fleet Feet Running Club is a welcoming community that caters to runners of all paces and skill levels, creating an inclusive space for everyone, from beginners to experienced runners. The club’s goal is not only to help members improve their running abilities but also to foster a sense of camaraderie among participants through regular group runs and engaging social platforms. By joining Fleet Feet Running Club, members gain access to a supportive network that can help propel their personal fitness journeys to new heights.

The club provides participants with structured routes typically covering 3-6 miles, ensuring that even new runners can comfortably engage in these group runs. In addition, Fleet Feet Running Club emphasizes its commitment to inclusivity by keeping stores open until the last runner has finished the route. This level of support is crucial for newcomers seeking a non-intimidating environment to pursue their running goals.

Apart from regular workouts, Fleet Feet Running Club encourages members to connect with one another by joining the club on platforms such as Strava and Facebook. These online communities facilitate further interaction, providing members with valuable networking opportunities, training tips, and inspiration. With its inclusive nature, diverse routes, and social engagement, Fleet Feet Running Club proves to be an enriching experience for runners at all stages of their fitness journey.

About Fleet Feet Running Club

History and Mission

Fleet Feet Running Club was originally created in 1976 by co-founders Elizabeth Jansen and Sally Edwards. The club is open to runners and walkers of all abilities, striving to create an inclusive environment. The main focus is on the spirit and passion members show towards running, instead of emphasizing running speed or distance.

Locations and Membership

Fleet Feet Running Club has multiple locations spread across the United States, such as in Lincoln, Mount Pleasant, and Chicago. Locally-based training groups and weekly fun runs make it easy for members to connect with like-minded individuals in their community.

Joining the club is simple, with membership open to any pace and skill level. Most clubs offer route distances ranging from 3 to 6 miles, ensuring an accessible experience for all participants. By joining a nearby crew, individuals can become part of a supportive community and achieve their running goals.

Benefits of Fleet Feet Running Club membership:

  • Inclusive environment for all skill levels
  • Multiple locations throughout the United States
  • Locally-based training groups and weekly fun runs
  • Supportive community for achieving running goals

The Fleet Feet Running Club isn’t just about running; it’s about promoting a healthy lifestyle, fostering camaraderie, and making a positive difference within the community of passionate runners.

Club Activities and Events

Weekly Runs

Fleet Feet Running Club offers weekly runs for its members, accommodating all abilities, from beginners to seasoned runners. The club organizes runs on:

  • Saturday mornings: 8-9 a.m., with meeting locations varying each week.
  • Wednesday evenings: 6 p.m., with group runs taking place at both Albany and Malta locations.

These runs provide opportunities not only for improving fitness and training but also for socializing and bonding with fellow club members.

Fun Runs and Social Gatherings

In addition to their regular run sessions, Fleet Feet Running Club hosts Fun Runs every Thursday at 6 pm at Fleet Feet Oak Park. These fun runs are open to all paces of runners and walkers, ensuring inclusivity and a more relaxed atmosphere for participants. Social gatherings are held after the run, creating a great opportunity for members to connect, share experiences, and foster a sense of community within the club.

Races and Competitions

Fleet Feet Running Club encourages its members to participate in races and competitions by offering targeted training programs to help runners reach their goals. Through the club’s training programs, beginners, and experienced runners alike can benefit from coaching and support that cater to their specific needs. Additionally, members have access to special deals, events, and opportunities to engage with Fleet Feet on social media, further reinforcing the club’s commitment to a supportive and motivating environment.

Training and Support

Fleet Feet Running Club provides a variety of training and support services for runners of all experience levels. This includes specialized coaching, workshops, trail running opportunities, and other specialty programs catered to help runners achieve their goals.

Coaching and Workshops

Fleet Feet Running Club offers tailored coaching programs that cater to both beginners and seasoned runners. These programs are designed to teach proper running techniques, improve endurance, and help participants reach their fitness goals. In addition to coaching, Fleet Feet also organizes workshops that cover various topics like injury prevention, nutrition, and race preparation. These workshops serve as valuable resources for individuals looking to enhance their running experience.

Trail Running

One popular program offered by Fleet Feet Running Club is the Rock Runners Trail Series. This series offers runners the opportunity to explore various trail running routes and experience the beauty of nature while improving their trail running skills. The Rock Runners Trail Series caters to runners at different fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of trail running.

Specialty Programs

Beyond the traditional coaching and trail running programs, Fleet Feet Running Club also offers various specialty programs to cater to specific needs and interests. Examples of these programs include:

  • 5K No Boundaries Training: Aimed at helping participants train for a 5K race, this program offers comprehensive coaching and support throughout the training period.
  • Cellcom Half Marathon Training: Designed for runners who wish to participate in half marathons, this program offers training, workshops, and support specific to the event.
  • Fleet Feet Racing Team: Runners who are interested in competing at a higher level can join the Fleet Feet Racing Team, which provides additional coaching, training, and racing opportunities.

By providing diverse programs and support services, Fleet Feet Running Club can accommodate the needs of all runners, regardless of their fitness level or running experience.

Amenities and Safety

Hydration Stations

Fleet Feet Running Club understands the importance of staying hydrated while running. Hydration stations are set up at various points during group runs and events to ensure runners have access to water. These stations provide water for runners to refill their bottles or to grab a quick drink on the go. The club also encourages its members to carry their own water bottles, especially during hot summer months.

Night Running

For those who enjoy running in the evening, Fleet Feet Running Club offers a safe environment for night running. The club conducts scheduled group runs, where everyone can participate and benefit from the safety of running in a group.

In addition to group runs, Fleet Feet Running Club also emphasizes the importance of visibility when running at night. Runners are advised to wear bright, reflective clothing and gear, such as:

  • Reflective vests
  • Headlamps
  • LED armbands

These accessories help ensure that the runners are visible to motorists and other pedestrians, increasing safety during night runs.


Fleet Feet Running Club is committed to maintaining safety while running in low-light conditions. To enhance visibility, the club encourages runners to use lights, such as portable lights attached to their shoes or clothes, to increase their presence during early morning or evening runs.

In addition, members are reminded to choose well-lit routes for their runs, like well-maintained paths and streets with good street lighting, to further promote safety when running during darker hours.

Community Involvement and Partnerships

Local Sports Organizations

Fleet Feet Running Club takes pride in partnering with local sports organizations to ensure both seasoned and new runners participate in a variety of races and events in their respective communities. This club brings together individuals of different running abilities, advocating for spirited and passionate running rather than solely focusing on speed or distance. By collaborating with a multitude of local sports organizations, Fleet Feet Running Club provides additional value to both its own members and the larger community.

Charity Events

Fleet Feet Running Club is also deeply committed to giving back to the community by supporting charity events. Many members actively participate in fundraising runs, utilizing the races as a means of raising funds for local and national causes. This type of community involvement further demonstrates the club’s dedication to upholding social responsibility while keeping physical fitness and sportsmanship at the core of its mission.


Building strong partnerships is fundamental to Fleet Feet Running Club’s continued success. They have formed relationships with various brands and businesses to secure sponsorships for events, training venues, and running gear. These sponsorships help to enhance the overall experience of club members by providing them access to relevant products and services while also generating local economic support.

The Fleet Feet Running Club emphasizes community, collaboration, and passion in the running world. Through partnerships with local sports organizations, engagement in charity events, and well-established sponsorships, the club strives to create a strong and supportive network for all involved.

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