Marathon Kids Running Club: Encouraging Youth Fitness and Fun

Marathon Kids is an innovative program designed to inspire and motivate children towards a healthy, active lifestyle through running. By partnering with organizations like Brooks Running, the program aims to unlock children’s potential, one lap and one day at a time. With a primary focus on community involvement, Marathon Kids has made a significant impact on the lives of millions of children worldwide, fostering a love for running and promoting overall well-being.

To implement the Marathon Kids program, many communities have opted to partner with existing organizations, such as local schools, the Boys & Girls Club, Fleet Feet, and even other running clubs or specialized stores. In some cases, new youth running clubs have been established as a result of the Kids Run the Nation curriculum, further expanding the reach of this initiative. Through these collaborative efforts, the program has proven to be a fun, engaging, and effective way to introduce children to the sport of running and instill in them a lifelong passion for physical activity.

Marathon Kids Running Club Overview

History and Mission

Marathon Kids is a running club with shirts that aims to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle through self-paced movement and incrementally running marathons. Established to make a positive impact on communities, the program focuses on motivating kids to set goals and challenge themselves over time. As participants run, walk, play, or push/roll, they accumulate laps and miles which eventually turn into completed marathons1.

Nonprofit Organizations and Partnerships

As a non-profit organization, Marathon Kids collaborates with several partners to achieve its mission. One of these partners is Brooks Running, a company committed to promoting health, well-being, and making running accessible to all2. The organization also shares similar goals with other nonprofit programs such as Kids Run the Nation and Girls on the Run.

  • Kids Run the Nation is an initiative by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) which offers a gender-inclusive, multi-week curriculum. It aims to help establish and support local youth running programs across the United States3.
  • Girls on the Run is another nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering young girls through running and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

These partnerships and collaborations play a crucial role in expanding the vision of Marathon Kids and enhancing its impact on communities.

Program Structure and Implementation

Goal Setting and Mileage Tracking

Marathon Kids running club focuses on engaging young runners through goal setting and mileage tracking. Across various schools and clubs, participants work with their coaches to determine individual and group distance goals, which are designed to challenge kids and track their progress in terms of physical activity. The program allows participants to measure and record their mileage, helping them feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement as they reach their goals.

As part of Marathon Kids, coaches set club goals that challenge their youth participants and encourage self-paced movement. Activities include running, walking, playing, or pushing/rolling, which all contribute to the Mileage Tracking aspect of the program. One remarkable feature is that 20 minutes of heart-pumping activity, whether through sports, warming up, or other exercises, can be recorded as one mile of progress.

Customizing the Program for Different Age Groups

Considering the difference in physical abilities between young and older kids, the Marathon Kids running club allows for customization of the program to fit the needs of specific age groups. This flexibility ensures that the program remains engaging and challenging for all participants, regardless of their age or ability level.

Within the program, children are divided into groups according to their age, guided by adult coaches and sometimes even supported by their parents. This ensures that each group’s activities and goals are tailored accordingly to match young runners’ developmental stages while keeping them engaged and motivated to achieve accomplishments.

In summary, Marathon Kids running club helps children of all ages experience the benefits of running and physical activity through a structured program that focuses on goal setting, mileage tracking, and customization for different age groups. This collaborative approach fosters an inclusive and engaging environment for young runners to grow, learn, and enjoy the thrill of achieving their goals, while also promoting healthy habits for a lifetime.

Role of Adults and Volunteers

Coaches and Coordinators

Marathon Kids running clubs rely on the dedication and expertise of adult volunteers who assume the roles of coaches and coordinators. These individuals create an inclusive and engaging environment to help young people develop healthy habits through running. They are responsible for implementing the programmes and ensuring that the children have smooth running experiences.

Coaches primarily provide guidance and motivation to the participants while coordinators manage the logistics and organization of the club. Working closely together, they guarantee that the needs of children are met and that the club operates efficiently.

Parent Involvement

The participation of parents in Marathon Kids running clubs plays a vital role in the success of the programme. They offer essential support and encouragement to young runners by actively involving themselves in the club activities and process. Parents often volunteer as chaperones, assist in organizing events, or even join their children in running sessions. Their involvement reinforces the idea of running as a social and enjoyable activity, and helps children to stay engaged with the programme.


In order to maintain sustainable and impactful running clubs, Marathon Kids receives backing from various sponsors and community partners that provide essential financial and in-kind support. Sponsorship contributions are crucial for covering the costs of essential running gear, club materials, and other programme expenses. Meanwhile, community partners advocate for the cause and create awareness about the importance of physical activity for young people.

By working cohesively, the entire network of adults, volunteers, coaches, coordinators, parents, and sponsors creates a positive environment in which children can thrive and develop lifelong healthy habits through running.

Benefits of Joining a Youth Running Club

Promoting Health and Fitness

Joining a youth running club like Marathon Kids can greatly contribute to a child’s health and fitness. Running is a natural form of exercise that helps children stay active, improve their fitness levels, and build a foundation for a lifelong healthy habit. Participating in a running club encourages children to:

  • Run, jog, or walk at their own pace, gradually building endurance and strength
  • Improve their cardiovascular health by increasing heart fitness
  • Boost mental well-being as physical activity can help reduce stress and contribute to a happier mood
  • Develop balance, coordination, and agility through regular running and related activities

Building Social Connections and Friendships

In addition to the physical health benefits, being part of a youth running club also fosters social connections and friendships. A running club provides an opportunity for children to:

  • Meet and connect with peers who share similar interests in staying active and enjoying running
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills through group exercises and activities
  • Learn valuable life lessons such as perseverance, dedication, and goal-setting in a supportive environment
  • Build self-esteem and confidence as they achieve their running milestones and overcome challenges

Joining a youth running club can provide children with a fun and engaging environment to stay active, improve their fitness, and connect with others who share the same interest. With guidance from experienced coaches and supportive peers, young runners can foster a lifelong love for running and a strong foundation for health and wellness.

Activities and Events

Training and Best Practices

Marathon Kids offers a variety of training activities and events designed to help kids improve their running abilities. These activities focus not only on improving kids’ physical fitness but also on enhancing their mental health and academic performance. According to the Ultimate Kids Running Guide, children should participate in at least 60 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous physical activity, such as running.

To achieve the goals set by Marathon Kids, it is essential to follow a few best practices. The organization recommends splits as a popular workout method, which involves breaking up the total running distance into equal parts and intervals to help kids build endurance. Also, setting an attainable goal is crucial for young runners; they can start by aiming for short distances and gradually progress as their skills develop over time. Furthermore, it is essential to encourage kids to stay consistent in their training routines and stay motivated by participating in organized running events.

Races and Competitions

Marathon Kids not only offers training resources but also organizes various races and competitions to keep kids engaged and motivated in achieving their running goals. These races typically fall into the following categories:

  1. Track events: Covering short distances, track events help kids build their speed and learn proper running techniques. These events often take place on local tracks or in schools.
  2. Distance races: Designed for kids who have been training regularly, these races cover longer distances and help children improve their endurance. Examples of such races include half marathons and marathons.
  3. Race day celebrations: After months of dedicated training and consistent progress, kids get to celebrate their achievements with family and friends by participating in race day events. These celebrations include award ceremonies, where participants receive medals and certificates.

Through these various activities and events, Marathon Kids aims to create a supportive and engaging environment that fosters a love for running and a dedication to fitness among children.

Success Stories and Research Findings

Positive Impact on Children’s Behavior

Marathon Kids, a youth running club, has demonstrated a positive impact on children’s behavior and overall health. A research study conducted with schools implementing Marathon Kids programming showed that:

  • On average, schools provided 112 minutes of walking or running each week.
  • Half of the kids completed the equivalent of three or more marathons (78.6 miles) in one year.
  • Kids who participated in Marathon Kids programming showed significant progress in both physical activity levels and overall health.

This indicates that active children foster a healthy lifestyle which reflects positively in their behavior and development.

Gender and State-wise Analysis

In addition to the positive impact on children’s behavior, Marathon Kids has been successful in engaging children from different states, communities, and genders. Some key findings from the research emphasize the inclusivity and success of this youth running club across various parameters:

  • The Marathon Kids program was implemented across 10 states, reaching a diverse group of children.
  • The gender distribution was well-balanced, where 48% of the participating kids were girls, and 52% were boys.

These findings showcase the inclusive nature of Marathon Kids, encouraging children from various communities to engage in physical activity and experience a healthy transformation.

By integrating the Marathon Kids program into schools and communities, it is evident that this youth running club plays a crucial role in promoting healthy lifestyles for children, bringing about a sense of accomplishment and motivation among the young participants.

Promoting and Expanding the Marathon Kids Running Club

Recruitment and Networking

One of the key aspects of promoting and expanding the Marathon Kids Running Club is through recruitment and networking. By engaging adults and volunteers who are passionate about running, you can create a strong network of supporters to aid in the growth of the club. Some ways to connect with potential club members and supporters include:

  • Hosting informational events at schools and community centers
  • Attending local sporting events to find potential club members or adult volunteers
  • Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share club updates and events
  • Collaborating with local running clubs to share resources and expertise

Collaboration with Schools and Communities

Another important aspect of expanding the Marathon Kids Running Club is through collaboration with schools and communities. By partnering with schools, the club can effectively target students as participants and extend the joy of running to more kids. Moreover, it encourages an active lifestyle and helps students perform better in their studies, as studies show that active kids score up to 40% higher on tests.

Some actions that can be taken to collaborate with schools and communities are:

  • Contacting school administrators or physical education teachers to discuss the implementation of a Marathon Kids Running Club in their schools, such as in Omaha Public Schools.
  • Offering supportive resources such as training materials, fitness assessments, and running logs to help schools establish and maintain the club
  • Connecting with local businesses, sports organizations, and community centers to sponsor the club and provide fundraising opportunities
  • Creating a consistent communication system between club organizers, schools, and communities to foster collaboration and share best practices

By focusing on recruitment, networking, and collaboration with schools and communities, the Marathon Kids Running Club can expand and reach more children, promoting the joy of running and its many benefits.


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