Run club Disney: Unleashing Your Inner Athlete in the Magical World

Run Club Disney has introduced a new and unique opportunity for avid runners and Disney enthusiasts alike: Club runDisney. This exciting membership club welcomes participants to experience the magic of Disney while engaging in a healthy and fun lifestyle. With yearly memberships ranging from Silver to Platinum, there’s an option for every level of commitment and passion for running.

Club runDisney offers members a range of special benefits, including exclusive access to Tier 1 pricing for available runDisney races and a unique Club runDisney Virtual 10K. Additionally, members receive a welcome kit filled with exclusive merchandise, such as a member jacket, magnet, membership card, and virtual 10K medal. The three membership levels vary in price and perks, catering to different preferences and budgets: Silver at $279, Gold at $619, and Platinum at $959.

The club membership runs from October 1st to September 30th, giving members a full year of Disney-themed running events and experiences. Runners of all skill levels can benefit from the camaraderie, exclusive events, and exciting opportunities that Club runDisney provides. With membership, participants not only improve their own fitness journeys but also have the chance to create lasting memories within the magical world of Disney.

Run Club Disney Membership Levels and Benefits

There are three levels of Club runDisney membership to choose from, each offering a unique set of benefits to enhance your runDisney experience. In this section, we will discuss the Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership levels and the associated perks.

Silver Membership

The Silver Membership costs $279 and includes a range of benefits:

  • Member Welcome Kit, which contains:
    • Member jacket (with size chart)
    • Club runDisney magnet
    • Membership card
    • Club runDisney Virtual 10K Medal
  • Tier 1 pricing year-round for available runDisney races
  • Exclusive 2023 Club runDisney Virtual 10K – October 2023

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership, priced at $619, provides additional perks to Silver Membership:

  • All the benefits of Silver Membership
  • Early registration for runDisney races
  • Guaranteed race entry once registered during early registration period
  • Club runDisney designation on race bibs

Platinum Membership

At a cost of $959, the Platinum Membership offers the most comprehensive set of benefits:

  • All the benefits of Gold Membership
  • Club runDisney Expo VIP Experience, including:
    • Early access to runDisney merchandise
    • Private Member Lounge
    • Early entry to the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo

Each membership level offers distinct advantages, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs and preferences as a participant in runDisney events.

Race Registration and Pricing

RunClub Disney offers various membership tiers, each providing different levels of perks, including priority access to race registration, tier 1 pricing, and other exclusive benefits. Below are the three main membership levels and their prices for the 2023-2024 season:

  • Silver Membership: $279
  • Gold Membership: $619
  • Platinum Membership: $959

Please note that these prices do not include race bibs, as all race registrations are purchased separately1.

Early Registration

One of the main benefits of joining Club runDisney is the privilege of early registration for upcoming races. This means you can secure your spot before general registration opens to the public. For instance, if your membership has an effective date of Oct 1, 2023, you will have access to early registration for any race taking place between Oct 1, 2023, and Sept 30, 20242.

Tier 1 Pricing

All Club runDisney members receive tier 1 pricing year-round for available races during their membership year1. Tier 1 pricing means you’ll benefit from the lowest possible registration fees and save money on race entry fees. This applies to numerous events, including the 2023 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, 2024 Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend, and the 2024 Walt Disney World® Marathon1.

Guaranteed Opportunity

Club runDisney’s Platinum Membership offers participants a guaranteed opportunity to purchase two race registrations for each race weekend through early registration3. This benefit is particularly helpful for those avid runners or families aiming to register multiple participants in a single race weekend. The Platinum membership also includes additional perks like Club runDisney Expo Experience, conveniently upgraded corral placements, and early access to runDisney merchandise3.

Remember that specific details and benefits may change, so always consult the official Club runDisney website for up-to-date race registration and pricing information.

Club RunDisney Events

Disney’s popular series of races offered throughout the year are loved by many running enthusiasts. The Club RunDisney events provide a wide variety of exciting opportunities for runners, ranging from marathons and half-marathons to shorter races and virtual options. Here are some of the most popular events, all of which showcase Disney’s unique magic.

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend event is an unforgettable experience taking place in January at the Walt Disney World Resort. It offers multiple race options, including:

  • Marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
  • 10K (6.2 miles)
  • 5K (3.1 miles)

The weekend also features the Dopey Challenge, where participants can complete all four races, and the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, which involves completing the half marathon and marathon back-to-back.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

February brings the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, a magical event that encourages participants to embrace their inner princess. Alongside the half marathon, this enchanting weekend features:

  • 10K (6.2 miles)
  • 5K (3.1 miles)
  • Fairy Tale Challenge (participating in both the 10K and half marathon)

The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend attracts thousands of runners every year, making it one of the largest women-focused running events in the U.S.

Run Disney Springtime Surprise Weekend

In April, runners can experience the Run Disney Springtime Surprise Weekend. This event offers unique and sometimes themed races that change every year. Generally, the Springtime Surprise Weekend includes races such as:

  • Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
  • 10K (6.2 miles)
  • 5K (3.1 miles)
  • Challenge events combining multiple races

Virtual 10K

Finally, the Club RunDisney Virtual 10K gives participants the chance to complete a 10K race from any location. The event takes place in October, with all registrants receiving a Virtual 10K Medal upon completion. This virtual race allows runners from all over the world to participate and enjoy the thrill of RunDisney from their own local trails or tracks.

Early Access and Upgraded Experiences

Club runDisney offers its members a variety of exclusive benefits that elevate their race experience. One notable perk is early access to race registration, which ensures members can secure their spot before the general public. This benefit covers all runDisney events available for sale between October 1, 2023, and September 30, 2024, including 2024 Wine and Dine Half Marathon, 2025 Princess Half Marathon, and 2025 Springtime Surprise Weekend races source.

Another advantage of Club runDisney membership is upgraded corral placement. This feature allows members to start the race in a better position, which can contribute to a more enjoyable run.

The Club runDisney expo experience also caters to its members’ comfort and convenience during race weekends. A notable highlight is the Club runDisney lounge, which provides a comfortable area for members to relax before or after their race. This space typically comes with exclusive amenities and services that further enhance the runDisney experience.

Regarding character meet and greets, Club runDisney members also enjoy exclusive opportunities to interact with beloved Disney characters during events. This added touch of magic is sure to create unforgettable memories for every participant.

In summary, Club runDisney membership offers early access to race registration, upgraded corral placement, an upgraded expo experience, a dedicated Club runDisney lounge, and exclusive character meet and greet opportunities. These benefits contribute to a more enjoyable and memorable race experience for members source.

Membership Registration and Renewal

Club runDisney offers various membership levels to cater to the different needs of running enthusiasts. The membership levels include Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each offering unique benefits and experiences for the members. For the 2023-2024 season, the membership fees are as follows:

  • Silver Membership: $279
  • Gold Membership: $619
  • Platinum Membership: $959

To register for a Club runDisney membership, interested individuals can visit the official runDisney website. It is essential to keep in mind that membership spots may not always be available, as they are limited in number. Therefore, acting promptly during registration periods increases the chances of securing a spot.

New members should note that their membership will be effective starting October 1, 2023, and it will be valid until September 30, 2024. This means that race registrations between October 1, 2023, and September 30, 2024, will be covered by the 2023-2024 Club runDisney membership.

Club runDisney offers exclusive benefits to its members, such as:

  • Member Welcome Kit, which includes a Member Jacket, Club runDisney Magnet, Membership Card, and Club runDisney Virtual 10K Medal.
  • Tier 1 pricing year-round for available runDisney Races.
  • Exclusive 2023 Club runDisney Virtual 10K in October 2023.
  • Additional benefits vary based on the membership level.

Membership renewal is crucial for individuals who want to maintain their benefits and participate in Club runDisney events in the following seasons. Members are encouraged to keep track of renewal deadlines to avoid losing their spots.

Overall, Club runDisney offers running enthusiasts a unique and engaging experience, along with numerous benefits and perks. However, availability is limited, so it is essential to act fast during registration and renewal periods to secure a spot in this exclusive club.

Expo and Merchandise

The runDisney Health & Fitness Expo is a highly anticipated event for participants and fans alike. It features a variety of offerings, including the opportunity to pick up race bibs, shop for exclusive runDisney merchandise, and learn about the latest trends and products in the health and fitness world.

One of the main attractions at the Expo is the runDisney merchandise shop, which stocks exclusive items designed specifically for each race weekend. These items typically include apparel, accessories, and commemorative items that runners can proudly display to showcase their accomplishments.

In an effort to make shopping more convenient and efficient, runDisney has recently implemented a virtual queue system for the merchandise shop. On the first day of the Expo, attendees can join the virtual queue through the My Disney Experience app, allowing them to hold their spot in line while they enjoy other aspects of the Expo. This enables attendees to make the most of their time at the Expo, without having to physically wait in line for the merchandise shop.

In addition to the runDisney merchandise shop, the Expo hosts a variety of exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services in running, fitness, and nutrition. It’s an excellent opportunity for runners to learn about new gear, sample products, and gather important information to help them prepare for their races.

Expo hours may vary depending on the race weekend, so it’s essential to review the Race Weekend Guide for specific dates and times. Be sure to allocate enough time for your visit, as the Expo can get quite busy, especially during peak times.

In summary, the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo offers participants a comprehensive and enjoyable experience, combining practical race preparations with exclusive shopping opportunities and valuable information. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore everything the Expo has to offer during your runDisney race weekend experience.

Race Bibs and Packet Pick-up

Race bibs are essential for participating in runDisney events, as they help with identification and timing during the race. To obtain your race bib, you will need to attend the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo, which takes place prior to the race weekend. For example, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend has specific dates and times for bib pick-up at the expo.

When it comes to packet pick-up, there are a few key points to remember:

  • Participants must attend the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo at least one day before their first event to pick up their race bib and packet.
  • Bring a valid photo ID and your signed waiver for a smooth packet pick-up process.
  • In some cases, day-of bib pick-up might be available, but this is not guaranteed and depends on the event schedule.

Additionally, it’s essential to know the details of your Club runDisney membership, as it may grant you early registration for specific races. However, race registrations are separate, and none of the memberships include race bibs.

Keep in mind that runDisney races require planning and organization, so it’s crucial to stay informed and updated on the event’s requirements and schedule. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully and enjoy your runDisney experience!

Club RunDisney Welcome Packages

Club RunDisney is a membership program that offers benefits and perks for those who love participating in runDisney events. The membership consists of three different levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level has its own unique welcome package to cater to the specific needs of its members.

Silver Welcome Package

Members joining the Silver level of Club RunDisney will receive a high-quality member welcome kit. This kit includes a Club RunDisney member-exclusive merchandise item, a membership card, and a car magnet. This particular level is ideal for those who are new to runDisney and want to become more familiar with the community.

Gold Welcome Package

The Gold membership level offers more exclusive benefits, in addition to those offered in the Silver package. The member welcome kit will include not only the exclusive merchandise item, membership card, and car magnet, but also a tiered membership designation. This could involve access to special events, discounts on merchandise, and more. The Gold level is perfect for the more experienced runDisney enthusiast who is looking to expand their membership benefits.

Platinum Welcome Package

At the top tier of Club RunDisney membership is the Platinum level. Members at this level receive an even more comprehensive member welcome package, offering the benefits of both Silver and Gold, as well as a VIP race experience. The membership card will signify the member’s Platinum status, and they can also enjoy exclusive perks like early event registration, priority access to select race entries, and access to specially curated experiences at runDisney events.

Joining Club RunDisney is an excellent way to further engage with the runDisney community and take advantage of additional benefits beyond participating in the events themselves. With a variety of welcome packages available to cater to different interests, there’s a Club RunDisney membership level to suit every type of runDisney fan.


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