RunClub Disney: Unleashing the Magic of Running Together

RunClub Disney offers a unique opportunity for running enthusiasts and Disney fans alike to experience the magic of Disney while participating in various running events. This exclusive club provides its members with special benefits, year-round access to race registration, and an unforgettable running adventure at the most magical place on Earth.

With three levels of membership available, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, runners can choose the package that best suits their needs and preferences. Each level offers a range of perks, from welcome kits and exclusive merchandise to early race registration and discounted pricing for events. Throughout the year, Club members can participate in various runDisney events, such as the Club runDisney Virtual 10K in October 2023.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking for a unique and exciting race experience or a Disney fan seeking a fun and healthy way to connect with your favorite characters, RunClub Disney has something for everyone. So, lace up your running shoes, embark on a magical adventure, and become a part of this extraordinary community of runners and Disney lovers.

Club Rundisney Membership

Membership Levels

Club Rundisney offers three levels of membership for the 2022-2023 season, providing a range of perks and benefits for participants. The membership levels are:

  1. Silver Membership
  2. Gold Membership
  3. Platinum Membership


The cost of Club Rundisney memberships varies depending on the level you choose. For the 2022-2023 season, the prices are as follows:

  • Silver Membership: $279
  • Gold Membership: $619
  • Platinum Membership: $959

Each membership level includes its own set of benefits. Silver membership offers a member welcome kit, tier 1 pricing for runDisney races, and access to the exclusive 2023 Club runDisney Virtual 10K in October 2023. Gold membership includes everything in the Silver membership, plus a guaranteed opportunity to purchase one spot in each runDisney race weekend through early registration. Platinum membership offers additional benefits and access to exclusive events.


Club Rundisney registration is available online. Once your membership is active, you can utilize its benefits for races that go on sale between Oct 1, 2022, and Sept 30, 2023. This includes early registration for popular races like the 2024 Wine and Dine or Marathon, Princess, or Springtime Surprise in 2025. Renewing your membership for the next season is also possible online to continue enjoying the Club Rundisney perks and events.

Membership Benefits

Race Registrations and Pricing

Club runDisney offers different membership levels with various benefits, including Tier 1 pricing year-round for available runDisney Races. Members can enjoy early registration access and a guaranteed opportunity for race registration during specific periods. Apart from race registrations, they also receive exclusive perks such as a Club runDisney designation on race bibs.

Corral and Packet Pick-Up Upgrades

Members can take advantage of upgraded corral placement, enabling them to start the race closer to the front. Additionally, they have the convenience of a streamlined race packet pick-up process at the expo, allowing them to skip the lines and have a more enjoyable experience.

Exclusive Merchandise

Club runDisney membership gives access to exclusive merchandise at the runDisney Merchandise Shop. Members receive a welcome package, which includes a member jacket and other items such as a Club runDisney magnet and membership card. As part of the membership perks, members can also participate in the Club runDisney Virtual 10K, which takes place in October, and receive a Club runDisney Virtual 10K Medal as a reward for their participation.

Major runDisney Events

runDisney hosts various themed race events at the Walt Disney World Resort. These events cater to participants of all skill levels and ages, featuring unique courses that allow runners to experience the magic of Disney while racing. In this section, we will highlight three major runDisney events: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and Run Disney Springtime Surprise Weekend.

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is a four-day event held in January, featuring a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and a full Marathon. Participants can choose to run one race or challenge themselves for multiple races as part of the Dopey Challenge or the Goofy Challenge. The Marathon course takes runners through all four Walt Disney World theme parks, making it an unforgettable race experience.

  • 5K: Thursday
  • 10K: Friday
  • Half Marathon: Saturday
  • Marathon: Sunday

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Held in February, the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend consists of a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon races. This event celebrates the strength and determination of Disney princesses and encourages participants to embrace their inner princess while running. The courses are designed through the Walt Disney World Resort, and the weekend features various family-friendly events, including Kids Races and the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Expo.

  • 5K: Friday
  • 10K: Saturday
  • Half Marathon: Sunday

Run Disney Springtime Surprise Weekend

The Run Disney Springtime Surprise Weekend is a newer addition to the runDisney event lineup, offering a fresh and exciting experience for participants. Occurring around April, this event features a variety of races, including a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon. The themed race weekends for this event may vary each year, providing unique surprises for runners.

  • 5K: Friday
  • 10K: Saturday
  • Half Marathon: Sunday

Each of these major runDisney events offers unique racing experiences for individuals and families looking to create unforgettable memories during their Disney vacation. Planning a trip around these events can add a layer of excitement and fitness to any Walt Disney World adventure.

Membership Tiers

Silver Membership

The Silver Membership in Club runDisney costs $279 and offers a variety of benefits to its members. Upon joining, members receive a Welcome Kit, which includes items such as a Club runDisney jacket (with a size chart), magnet, membership card, and a medal for the Club runDisney Virtual 10K held in October 2023.

Furthermore, Silver Membership provides Tier 1 pricing year-round for available runDisney races, making it a cost-effective option for those who regularly participate in these events.

Gold Membership

At a price of $619, Gold Membership offers all the benefits of Silver Membership in addition to some exclusive perks. These additional benefits include:

  • Tier 1 pricing year-round for available races
  • Club runDisney designation on race bibs
  • Access to exclusive runDisney events and experiences, enhancing your overall runDisney experience

This membership level is suitable for runners who are more heavily involved in runDisney events and are seeking premium experiences.

Platinum Membership

For the most dedicated runDisney enthusiasts, the Platinum Membership is available for $959. It includes all the benefits of Gold Membership, plus:

  • Guaranteed access to one half marathon or longer distance race event per runDisney race weekend, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite races
  • Complimentary registration for the Club runDisney Virtual 10K event
  • Priority race weekend Packet Pick-Up, granting streamlined access and convenience during event preparations

This top-tier membership level is designed to provide the ultimate runDisney experience for those who are passionate about Disney races and seek the highest level of convenience and access.

Special Features and Services

Virtual 10K Medal

Club runDisney offers its members an exclusive Virtual 10K event. Runners participating in this event can complete their 10K from any location, at their own pace. Upon completion, members will receive a specially designed Virtual 10K Medal as a reward for their accomplishment. This distinctive medal is intended to add unique value to participants’ runDisney race collections.

Character Meet and Greet

One exciting aspect of participating in runDisney races is the opportunity to interact with some beloved Disney characters during the events. Club runDisney enhances this experience by offering exclusive character meet and greet opportunities for its members. These encounters provide runners with unforgettable memories and create engaging photo opportunities to commemorate their race experiences.

Club runDisney Lounge

For those seeking a place to relax and recharge during runDisney race weekends, Club runDisney offers access to an exclusive lounge. The Club runDisney Lounge is designed to offer members a comfortable space to rest, enjoy refreshments, and socialize with fellow runners. By providing a dedicated space for Club runDisney members to unwind, this benefit adds an additional layer of convenience and comfort to the overall race experience.

In summary, Club runDisney enhances the race experience for its members through a variety of unique features and services such as Virtual 10K Medal, Character Meet and Greet, and Club runDisney Lounge. These benefits contribute to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for runners participating in runDisney events.

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